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Vehicle locator is a complete solution which gives the exact and live location of your vehicle using the GSM and GPS network. Vehicle locator solution consist of a device known as GPS tracker, which installs in the vehicle. After installation it connects to the GPS satellite available in the space with the help of its strong inbuilt GPS antenna. GPS antenna helps vehicle locator hardware device to get its position on the globe with the calculation of latitude and longitude already available in its software database. Once the vehicle locator device get its position, it sends the location to the server using the GSM mobile network with its strong inbuilt GSM antenna.

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We can use any of the available GSM network but the suggested network would be the best available in the country. A SIM card is inserted in the device to get the GSM network connectivity of the vehicle locator device with the server. Vehicle locator works on 2G GSM mobile network connectivity because it only needs to send very low size data so there is no need of high speed 3G/4G/LTE network. The whole vehicle locator  solution completely depends on network and the strength of antennas used in the hardware for this connectivity. DAP Enterprises uses TR06 module as hardware part of vehicle locator solution. The hardware consist of GLONASS GPS antenna, this is the best antenna in GPS world with best connectivity of GPS signal.

Best Quality product always cost you more but solves your purpose. The vehicle locator solution mainly focus on providing the location accuracy, though this solution consist of many more features. It also provides you the total distance traveled, ignition status, speed and various type of anti theft alert and locking system. All the additional services mainly depends on the data provided by the hardware module installed in your vehicle. So the module is the main part from the selection point of view in the complete vehicle locator solution.

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I personally suggest you to choose the TR06 module, though other modules are also good with more inputs, but the tracking purpose solved best by this only this device. Vehicle locator also helps you in many other ways like heat sensing information like if your vehicle is overheating while running, you will get that information with the help of an alert on the mobile application, door sensors like if the doors are not properly locked while parking or opened while driving then also you will get alerts.

Now the question is how you will get all this information that the vehicle locator is sending. All the information collects in the hardware using the multi inputs  and send all the inputs to the server database and server manipulates the data accordingly. With the help of web portal and smart phone application, you can simply check history, reports and also can view your vehicle status. Please be assure about the number of inputs available in the device, its tracking quality, its antenna quality, its life span  and its brand value in the market before purchasing the product. Also select the GSM network smartly and never use basic calling prepaid and postpaid sim cards in the GPS device to avoid over charging of bill. Vehicle locator use different type of SIM cards with only 2G network connectivity, data capping, calling barred and limited sms facility.

After getting all the knowledge about vehicle locator, now you can enjoy tracking and can get all the information about your own car or a fleet. Every vehicle is under your control now.

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I think you understand the working and use of GPS system, So why you are wasting your time!

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