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School Bus Tracking System(SBTS)

Security of School Vehicles is a matter of concern for the Management. For ensuring avoidance of any unforeseen event to occur, organizations have made various rules. All these requirements can be regulated and monitored by the concerned administrator from the school’s office by using School Bus Tracking System.

They have to just buy the GPS device, insert GPRS enabled SIM card in the device, and start tracking the fleet (having device installed in it) anywhere on the earth on any computer terminal or smart phone connected to the Internet by using their secure ID and password.

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  • Why School Bus Tracking System(SBTS)
  • School Privacy Policies

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Personal Tracker

Inavigator GPS Trackers are ideal for active families with school-age children, flight-risk seniors, pets who occasionally get loose, and teenage drivers who may need monitoring.

It’s all about having peace of mind when you’re not there with them.Knowing where your loved ones are will help you keep them safe from harm.

Inavigator also helps you track and monitor where they are within less than 10-feet, with updates on live map as frequently as every 30Seconds .

Vehicle Tracking System(VTS)

Inavigator provides real time GPS vehicle tracking systems for fleet managers, owners and Shippers. Unlike many of the other vehicle tracking software providers on the web; Inavigator strives to bring you most reliable GPS fleet management solutions, through a combination of World class software and Most reliable GPS hardware available on the market today.

Our fleet management solution along with real-time GPS tracking for vehicles, trailers or your heavy equipment helps you to improve fleet productivity accountability and profitability, our solutions are easy to implement, simple and very user friendly making it ideal for small and medium fleets.

We also offers B2B solution for large fleets for integration with in-house or other supply chain solutions Through its versatile platform and Rich maps.

Benefits :         

  • Real-Time location and Status of vehicles allows effective trip planning.
  • Powerful monitoring and reporting tools results in higher levels of service and better customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce and Simplify administration tasks and take informed business decisions quickly.
  • Visibility and Accountability of fleets helps create a better image to customer and Bring new business.
  • Improve vehicle utilization.
  • Monitor Stoppages, leading to reduction in unauthorized stoppages.
  • Accurate reporting of Driver time sheets, delivery times and Loading/Unloading duration, allows proper planning and Increases efficiency.

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