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Our Story

DAP started his business from mid of 2015 in Delhi. We have a team of highly Skilled professionals to provide contemporary technology to our customers which keeps them safe and feel confident on our seamless on the go services.

We are proving GPS based vehicle and personal tracking system, CCTV camera and also software development as per client’s need.

We ensure that we will provide you with the best solution which will help you to track your cars , jeeps , trucks and your manpower in most unique and cost effective way with a click of a button from your office through your mobile APP or the Desktop Panel .

With the help of CCTV camera’s you can watch your office, home and other secured places easily in your mobile.

Our Software can be used from managing and controlling vehicles ranging from one to thousands in numbers and ensures that you get maximum productivity from your fleet and employees and providing best services to the customers.

Our Commitment

We take pride in our on time delivery and ability to meet quick turnaround requests while exceeding customer quality demands. Customer Satisfaction continues to be of utmost importance to DAP, as do Consistent quality, Constant innovation, Technology enhancement, Process improvement and Customer orientation.

We have developed our core competence and aligning objectives at all levels so as to realize synergy in operations. It is our collaborative approach, creative input, and emphasis on economical solutions that has allowed us to develop an impressive and diverse client list.

A Telematic Company

DAP Enterprises is a telematic company. Its product brand name is REDFOX.

Forward Thinking

We always believe in forward thinking.

Problem Solvers

We can customize our software solution as per requirement.

Customer Support

Industry oriented customer support via Email, Phone or Physical appearance.

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